Modular Shelving System:iron Hive System by Davide Mezzasalma

Davide Mezzasalma Presents The Iron Hive System Modular Shelving System

Davide Mezzasalma, the designer of the highlighted work Award Winning Iron Hive System Modular Shelving System says, Inspired by the structure of a beehive, the Iron Hive modular shelving system offers flexible and dynamic high-end solutions. It grow <Cropped>

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Su Zhou-Residential House by Feng Guoqiang and Chen Yan

Feng Guoqiang and Chen Yan Illustrates The Su Zhou Residential House

Feng Guoqiang and Chen Yan, the architect of the award winning project Su Zhou - Residential House by Feng Guoqiang and Chen Yan spells out, If you are looking for a seamless blend of oriental and western culture, this is an example. This project has <Cropped>

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Moho Art Prize

Moho Art Prize Is An Important Award Given to The Best International Talents in Contemporary Art.applications Are Reserved For Artists Under 50 Years Old. Applications Are Open to Artists of Any Nationality. Moho Art Prize Is An Important Award Given To

Moho art prize is an important award given to the best international talents in contemporary art.applications are reserved for artists under 50 years old. applications are open to artists of any nationality. Moho art prize is an important award give <Cropped>

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Coffee Bean Here by Vsevolod Abramov

Vsevolod Abramov Spotlights The Coffee Bean Here Packing

Vsevolod Abramov, the creator of the displayed design Award Winning Coffee Bean Here Packing explicates, This design includes a graphic game. Now the packaging shows the location of coffee production. It should be mentioned one of design method which <Cropped>

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Laguna by Elena Trevisan

Elena Trevisan Shares The Laguna Modular Sofa

Elena Trevisan, the creator of the highlighted project Modular sofa:Laguna by Elena Trevisan points out, Laguna designer seating is an extensive contemporary collection of modular sofas and benches. Designed by the Italian Architect Elena Trevisan wi <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Te-Yu Liu and Hui-Ching Chang

Te-Yu Liu and Hui-Ching Chang Discloses The Transcendence by Tranquility Interior Design

Te-Yu Liu and Hui-Ching Chang, the creator of the awarded design Interior Design:Transcendence by Tranquility by Te-Yu Liu and Hui-Ching Chang explicates, When following the rules in modern culture, people find meanings for each restrained orders. In <Cropped>

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Fashion by Sareh Heidari-Hesam Ghasimi-Mahdy Seyfi

Sareh Heidari-Hesam Ghasimi-Mahdy Seyfi Reveals The Lotus Bag Fashion

Sareh Heidari-Hesam Ghasimi-Mahdy Seyfi , the author of the award winning project Sareh Heidari-Hesam Ghasimi-Mahdy Seyfi 's lotus bag Fashion says, Emerging of Lotus leaves every morning from the water is seen as a sign of rebirth and this lead <Cropped>

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Corporate Gift Set:baowow! by Beamy

Beamy Illustrates The Baowow! Corporate Gift Set

BEAMY, the thinktank behind the awarded design Corporate Gift Set by BEAMY says, Inspired by the traditional bamboo steamer, we have created a circular box with a contemporary touch – upon lifting the lid of the box, an array of 12 customized cryst <Cropped>

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Play With Your City 2019: Reimagining Lady Street Call For Entries

Help Us Reimagine The Experience On An Underutilized, Three-block Pedestrian Corridor Crossing Through Several Urban Precincts in Downtown Columbia, South Carolina, and You Could Win The $5, 000 Prize. Accepting The Challenge Entrants Are Challenged To

Help us reimagine the experience on an underutilized, three-block pedestrian corridor crossing through several urban precincts in downtown columbia, south carolina, and you could win the $5,000 prize. Accepting the challenge entrants are challenge <Cropped>

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Award Winning Frederik Beer Bottle Series

Sisecam Design Center Exhibits The Frederik Beer Bottle Series

Sisecam Design Center, the creator of the displayed project Sisecam Design Center's Frederik Beer Bottle Series explicates, Frederik seems to be a different kind of beer bottle. It is named after the brands primary Brewmaster. The whole concept <Cropped>

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