Poly K18 Office Building by Golden Ho Ming Leung

Golden Ho Ming Leung Illustrates The Poly K18 Office Building Office Building

Golden Ho Ming Leung, the maker of the displayed work Office Building by Golden Ho Ming Leung points out, Poly K18 Office Building covers an area of 660 square meters, the entire space is narrow, is a rectangular shape, the entrance into the spac <Cropped>

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Vote For Your Favourite Green Product and Win a Prize

Our Jury Selected The Green Product Award and The Green Concept Award Winners. Now We Are Looking For Your Choice and Want to See Who Wins The Green Product Audience Award. You Can Decide!

Our jury selected the green product award and the green concept award winners. now we are looking for your choice and want to see who wins the green product audience award. you can decide!.

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Brand Identity by Sangmin Shim-Fivemfive

Sangmin Shim-Fivemfive Presents The North America Nextgen Leaders Academy Brand Identity

Sangmin Shim - fivemfive, the architect of the award winning design Brand identity by Sangmin Shim - fivemfive spells out, 2016 North America Nextgen Leaders Academy is a North American integration conference held in New York as part of the Vision 20 <Cropped>

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Cocoon Architecture Ltd.'s Thedesk Coworking Space

Cocoon Architecture Ltd. Shows The Thedesk Coworking Space

Cocoon Architecture Ltd., the author of the displayed design Coworking Space by Cocoon Architecture Ltd. illustrates, "To allow the old fragment to maintain its own identity, its own history..., you increase the tension between the NEW and the O <Cropped>

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Range Pole and Tripod:sistem by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Shares The Sistem Range Pole and Tripod

Hakan Gürsu, the creator of the award winning design Range Pole and Tripod by Hakan Gürsu explains, Range pole that is frequently used in engineering application areas especially civil engineering, is a measuring set to calculate the dimension and <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Branding of Basketball Museum Logo

Acclaimed Designer Illustrates The Branding of Basketball Museum Logo

The architect of the award winning design Acclaimed Designer's Branding of Basketball Museum Logo says, This logo is for basketball museum. I think the important thing is historical feeling. I use hand print because it can express famous and his <Cropped>

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Eagle-Electric Kick Scooter by Ignas Survila

Ignas Survila Portrays The Eagle Electric Kick Scooter

Ignas Survila, the project leader of the awarded work Eagle by Ignas Survila explicates, The lightest and thinnest electric scooter on earth with an integrated handle-build-in dashboard with a continuous connection to your smart device! Its minimalis <Cropped>

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Lounge Chair by Paulo Jorge Faias Pereira

Paulo Jorge Faias Pereira Spotlights The Rabelo Lounge Chair

Paulo Jorge Faias Pereira, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Rabelo - Lounge chair by Paulo Jorge Faias Pereira explicates, Rabelo lounge chair is a sculptural gesture of how wood, a natural material, becomes a useful object but at the same t <Cropped>

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Golden Pin Design Award & Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2019

Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award 2019 Call For Entries Is Now Open. The Award Is a Golden Opportunity For Companies, Design Teams, and Individuals From All Around The Globe to Demonstrate Design Excellence in Taiwan, Asia, and Beyond. The Early Bird Ent

Taiwan’s golden pin design award 2019 call for entries is now open. the award is a golden opportunity for companies, design teams, and individuals from all around the globe to demonstrate design excellence in taiwan, asia, and beyond. the early bir <Cropped>

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Clock by Dmitry Pogorelov

Dmitry Pogorelov Discloses The Zeitgeist Clock

Dmitry Pogorelov, the maker of the displayed project Clock by Dmitry Pogorelov explicates, The clock is reflected the zeitgeist, which is associated with smart, tech and durable materials. High-tech face of the product is represented by a semi torus <Cropped>

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